TALIA CU IS A MEXICAN FASHION ILLUStrATOR, DESIGNER, AND FORMER FASHION JOURNALIST. My superpower includes portraying women of style from around the world and promoting Latin fashion.

I have been recently featured on Vogue International's Instagram and I was a collaborator for Vogue Mexico and Latin America for three years. 


Scroll down for some fun facts about me.

It’s true, I was once part of #TeamVogue in Mexico City, until I decided to travel the world.
When I was younger I lived in London and I had a few writing gigs at i-D Magazine.
Recently, I moved out of Amsterdam - I lived there for two whole years! My favourite Dutch snack? Hagelslag.
In my free time? I created Draw Latin Fashion, a platform to promote fashion illustration in Latin America.
Oh also, I hate wearing high heels. Long live the flat!